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EN Certification

It should be obvious that employees should be able to work with machines safely, without threats to their health. Agreements have been made to that effect on both a national and an international level, in the form of Decisions, Guidelines, Regulations, and European Norms (EN).

CERTIFER HHC/DRS is able to perform assessments for manufacturers or end users to determine whether these norms have been correctly applied to their product.

This provides you, the owner of the machine, with an independent, professional confirmation of the extent to which a machine can be worked with safely, and affords you the security of knowing you have met the legal requirements.

If these requirements are met, CERTIFER HHC/DRS will provide a so-called ‘Certificate of Verification’.

If you have any specific questions, please be referred to the relevant technical managers for the various product groups, whom you can contact via the contact form.