CERTIFER HHC / DRS – Supporting your local and European ambitions.

Supporting your local and European ambitions.



Certification and inspection are important tools to be able to ensure that machines meet the multitude of legal requirements and regulations that apply to such equipment, as well as any possible additional requirements set by clients.

Equipment has to function properly, and most of all, it has to be reliable. Malfunctions must be kept to a minimum, and people have to be able to work with it without threats to their health or safety.

CERTIFER HHC/DRS can help you to be able to provide assurances for the safety of machines while requiring a minimum amount of effort from your side.

As a service provider in the field of inspections, we feel it is important to be close to our clients and to be able to offer custom inspections.

The features that allow us to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market are:

Good availability, even outside of office hours

Short scheduling times

Quality for a decent price