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IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container).


Mobile storage tanks intended to supply equipment with their daily dose of fuel are commonplace in the world of construction. As such, there is no need for us to explain that these kinds of tanks are subject to all sorts of influences while they are in use. The government has developed certain regulations regarding the maintenance of IBCs, to ensure that no damage befalls the people working with them, their surroundings, and the environment as a whole. Part of these regulations is periodical inspection of such IBCs. CERTIFER HHC/DRS is accredited by KIWA for performing such inspections in terms of the temporary storage of fuel, and by the hazardous substances division of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in terms of the transport of hazardous substances.

Periodical inspection

Thanks to our double accreditation, CERTIFER HHC/DRS is able to clear your IBCs with a single inspection for both applications (storage and transport), enabling you to save sufficient funds, and ensuring greater efficiency to boot.

We can perform a combined inspection of a single IBC, or if you have multiple IBCs that need inspecting, we would be happy to send you a suitable proposal to that effect.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us: info@hhcdrs.nl.