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Interoperability. (NoBo)

CERTIFER HHC/DRS is a notified and designated body under the Interoperability Guideline 2008/57 or 2016/797/EG for the Rolling Stock sub system.

In this capacity, we assess railway vehicles pursuant to the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) for the following applications:

  • TSI L&P; 2014/1302/EC Locomotives and passenger rolling stock, incl. rail construction machinery OTM
  • TSI WAG; 2014/321/EC Freight wagons
  • TSI NOI; 2014/1304/EC EC Noise
  • TSI PRM; 2014/1300/EC Accessibility for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility
  • TSI SRT; 2014/1303/EC EC Safety in railways tunnels

Also refer to the execution of various readings regarding EMC / Noise / Axle loads, etc.

Supporting your local and European ambitions.