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Policy statement

Policy Statement

The following principles have been phrased with regard to quality:

  • The quality of the work must comply with the set requirements.
  • Het quality system must comply and continue to comply to the following requirements:

– EN-ISO/IEC 17020:2012 type A
– EN-ISO/IEC 17021-1 :2015
– EN-ISO/IEC 17065:2012
and the certification or inspection schemes applicable within the scope of activities:
– TCVT schemes
– Interoperability (IOD2016 + ERA) including related NB-Rail documents
– VA-keur

  • The quality delivered forms a basis for establishing and maintaining long lasting relationships with customers out of a business and customer oriented perspective.
  • The expertise achieved by the staff is maintained and increased in order to be able to continuously deliver added value to the customer.

In order to give substance to these principles, resources, time and facilities are required, on the one hand, and cooperation and consultation with all stakeholders involved are indispensable, on the other. Therefore, adequate attention is paid to educating and training employees, and customers are also heard in order to achieve aligned services. CERTIFER HHC/DRS is a commercial enterprise. A significant portion of the company’s profits are invested in the education, training and continued development of employees. In addition, CERTIFER HHC/DRS takes its responsibility by participating in all kinds of consultations and committees that are involved in standardization and harmonization (including meetings of NB-Rail), without charging any of it.

A choice has been made for an integral quality assurance. This is a continuous process in which we strive to continuously improve the quality through quality control and quality assurance. An annually business plan is drawn up with concrete objectives. These objectives are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Tools for improvement include a reporting system, a management review, as well as internal – and external audits. The quality manual, which can be found in our Quality Insight (QI), accurately reflects the intentions of CERTIFER HHC/DRS.

The Managing Director and managers are responsible for maintaining quality systems and maintaining accreditation. The Managing Director has been appointed as management representative for the quality management system. The Managing Director is responsible for providing all resources necessary to achieve the desired level of quality and to enable and maintain accreditation.

How CERTIFER HHC/DRS ensures its independence is described in our statement “Independence, Impartiality and Integrity”.

January 2022



Ing. Huib Oostdijk

Managing Director CERTIFER HHC/DRS